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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Local Company – Global Knowledge (HUNTER VALLEY NEWS JULY 6 2011)

Solid, level foundations are important in a building and in a business.Robert Hall was five years old when he started concreting and building with his own father, and he hopes he can still be calf-deep in wet concrete when he’s 80 years old.

If he does retire, his son Adam, a carpenter joiner who has worked with him full-time since leaving Muswellbrook High at 16, will take on running the company.

“Mate, I’m ready for it but I still like being on the job,” Adam said.“You’re doing some- thing different every day and it’s great to be in the open air.

”Since 1987 Robert Hall Constructions Pty Ltd has been building structures from factories and prestige homes in the Hunter Valley, to min- ing construction like switch yard installations, and recently a $6.5 mil- lion industrial building in Sydney.

“It takes effort to put up a quality building and that’s what we do,” Robert said.

Currently, the team ispouring concrete for a 750 square metre indus- trial building in Enterprise Crescent at the Muswellbrook indus- trial estate, a few lots down from a striking blue building they completed in nine months in 2010.

The 1000 square metre building, bought by Heavy Haulage Australia, has notable architectural features. like aluminium blades regulating temperature in the two-storey struc- ture with glass and pol- ished concrete floors in the interior offices. It would fit right in on Sydney’s north shore, except for the six enormous workshop bays.

Robert is proud of the skills of his seven-strong crew, plus sub-contractors, and particularly the administrators, his wife Judie and Valerie Snow.

There could be fourth generation Hall builders to come.Adam said his 10- year-old son Henry was “pretty handy ...he’d come to work with me if he could”.

And as far as Adam’s two-year-old son Hunter is concerned, his grand- father is Bob the Builder.

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