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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Biglift Cranes and Heavy Haulage offer an elite service in transport. Anywhere from 160 tonnes to 25 metres long, Biglift has the know-how on all your haulage needs.

We offer specialised services in the mining and infrastructure industry.

Biglift are highly renowned for moving large mining and earth moving equipment. All dimensions of Heavy Haulage - we will find a way to do it in a safe and applied manner.

With Biglift, It doesn’t matter how long or short the trip, we will always ensure each job is executed with the utmost services at all times.

We ensure all our Haulage Vehicles are fully fitted with all the signage, RMS requirements and permits as well as the right trailer and dolly combination prior to the job to ensure the best value for time and money.

Silver Tongue Devil outside of our NSW Head office Premises.


Silver Tongue Devil and The Scout ready to move Portable building from our holding yard to site for another valued client.


Scandelous - Our 550HP Western Star Hauling Conveyor belt


Rolling Thunder - Our 620HP Western Star hauling a D11 on a 5x8 Float 2x8 Dolly.


High Noon - Our K104 Kenworth Transporting 3600 Boom.


Rolling Thunder 620HP Western Star hauling a KOMATSU 785 Dump truck on a 5x8 Float 2x8 Dolly.


True Blue - Our K104 Kenworth transporting a Dozer.


Rolling Thunder 620HP Western Star hauling an 8.5mtr wide truck body.


Crane and Truck Artwork

20T  (Captain Caveman)
captain caveman
25T (Wolverine)
 55T (Ghost Rider)
Ghost rider2
 100T (Ironman)
 130T (Judge Dredd)
Judge Dredd
200T (Thing)
solid as a rock
Western Star
(Rolling Thunder)
rolling thunder
Kenworth (HighNoon)
Kenworth (PrimeTime)
Kenworth (Stormrider)

Muswellbrook Depot

muswellbrook13-15 Enterprise Cresent

Muswellbrook, NSW

Phone: 02 6541 0033

Fax: 02 6543 2995


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