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Tuesday, December 18, 2018
For on site equipment assembly, tower crane construction or project mass manoeuvres. Long term or short term hire.

Now with expanded capacities we cover a massive scope of work – if you need to move a 20 ton excavator or a 2,600 tonne fabricated module we have it covered. We offer a local heavy lift delivery service as well as long distance moves crossing the nation. Transporting machines fully dressed saves time and money.

The same goes for major pieces of plant – the larger the parts the less time spent in assembly.  Our custom trailers allow us to move equipment at its absolute minimum transport height to give us the widest range of maximum size and route options.

We pickup, deliver and set down across the nation.

Crane and Truck Artwork

20T  (Captain Caveman)
captain caveman
25T (Wolverine)
 55T (Ghost Rider)
Ghost rider2
 100T (Ironman)
 130T (Judge Dredd)
Judge Dredd
200T (Thing)
solid as a rock
Western Star
(Rolling Thunder)
rolling thunder
Kenworth (HighNoon)
Kenworth (PrimeTime)
Kenworth (Stormrider)

Muswellbrook Depot

muswellbrook13-15 Enterprise Cresent

Muswellbrook, NSW

Phone: 02 6541 0033

Fax: 02 6543 2995


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